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In today's fast-paced environment, many of us rely on having instant mobile access in our daily lives. It has become a necessity and is seen by the Government as critical national infrastructure.

The Department of Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) published a report in 2018 stating "We also want to be a world leader in the next generation of mobile technology, 5G, with deployment to the majority of the country by 2027 so that UK consumers and businesses can take early advantage of the benefits." (Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review 2018).

5G research shows that the UK will gain social and economic benefits through the next-generation of mobile technology. A report by Juniper Research and O2 has identified how 5G can reduce GP visits by 9.4 million per year and save the average city £1.3 million in electricity bills through the adoption of smart LED street lighting. Additionally, the report highlights that purchasing goods and services on-the-go can be quicker, easier and more secure, saving 91 hours per year for every household that moves to do the weekly food shop on a mobile device. Furthermore, the report states that the UK economy is predicted to save £880 million a year in lost productivity caused by traffic congestion.

Telecoms infrastructure is therefore critical. We work collaboratively with our landlords and operators to place apparatus where they are needed most to build the UK’s mobile network infrastructure.

“The Code is designed to make it easier to roll-out and upgrade mobile infrastructure. The legislation intends to simplify the processes between landlords and operators, addressing any challenges by using the Code as best practice."

Belinda Fawcett, Director of Property & Estates and General Counsel

The Government recognised that the partnership between operators and landowners is crucial for the future of the UK’s digital connectivity. The Electronic Communications Code (ECC) legislation will support this and was updated in December 2017 to help to drive quicker and more cost-effective installation of electronic communications apparatus.

The Code sets out the rights available to network operators and landowners and includes an easier route for resolving legal disputes through the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber).

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Tribunals hub.

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What is the Code and what will the changes mean for Landlords and mobile communications.

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