Multi-Skilled Visit.

To keep up with the growing demand for mobile data and coverage, Cornerstone need to identify areas where electronic communications apparatus such as masts, antennas and dishes can be installed to improve mobile phone services. Before acquiring or upgrading a site, we often need to carry out a Multi-Skilled Visit (MSV) which is a site survey to assess the suitability of a site.

multi-skilled visit

“We need to constantly keep up with connectivity demands in urban and rural areas. Conducting Multi-Skilled Visits on potential sites helps us to assess suitable locations on which to place our infrastructure, which can benefit local communities and businesses with enhanced coverage.”

Belinda Fawcett
Director of Property and Estates, General Counsel

An MSV is carried out by a variety of people and varied skillsets, which typically can include telecom operators, acquisition surveyors, design and build contractors and fibre providers such as BT. You can download our MSV brochure and FAQs from the following links for full information.

Download Multi-Skilled Brochure

Read Multi-Skilled Visit FAQs