How people connect in urban areas will become increasingly crucial as telecom operators densify networks for 5G. Rooftop real estate will provide accessible and high performing solutions designed to satisfy the increasing demands on data and coverage. Improved network capacity in urban environments is needed and Cornerstone's rooftop solutions deliver the opportunity to bring seamless connectivity to those people in these environments.


“Rooftops provide us with the opportunity to work with our landlords and discretely bring the best solutions to built up areas without taking precious space from pavements and other open areas. It is imperative to ensure robust connectivity in our strret environments and street furniture technology is adding value to these challenges.”

Mark Heeney
Engineering Manager – Electrical Design

Rooftop sites do bring special challenges making each one a bespoke design that has to marry the competing demands of radio and maintenance of the building fabric. For example, adding lightning protection systems to the roofs to take lightning currents safely to earth, all without the public being aware of the technology involved.

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