Street works.

Street furniture sites are unique in requiring critical hardware elements to be deployed in publicly accessible and space-restricted environments. Often street furniture sites are typically the most visible and compact type of base station in our macro layer of infrastructure. They provide increased customer connectivity and capacity.

street works

“We continuously develop innovative enclosure products and solutions to enable our street furniture sites to meet the demands of our customers; as a result, our street furniture enclosure products are now the primary choice across every single region in the U.K.”

Austin Farrell
Engineering Manager – Enclosure and Radio Design

The growth in mobile data traffic is forecast to grow tenfold by 2021 and, distinct to the UK, street furniture infrastructure will play an essential role in addressing the need for capacity and capability at street level. At Cornerstone, our street furniture solutions are constantly evolving to meet the challenges set from the demands of ever-increasing radio requirements.

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