Infrastructure process.

Our infrastructure process brings together the various disciplines required to design, build and maintain a site, forming a coherent strategy for the full lifecycle management of a site. With the ongoing developments and importance of the connected world, Cornerstone is aware of their environmental responsibilities and offers a full site sharing service to all potential customers, sharing our infrastructure that increases their coverage whilst keeping mast proliferation to a minimum.


Collecting a radio signal at a rooftop, street furniture or greenfield site is only one part of the story. Transmitting that signal out into the broader network is vital to maintain connectivity. We take great care and responsibility to ensure that appropriate infrastructure is in place for the delivery of backhaul communications to sites, be it through fibre or microwave.


We provide the supporting framework for almost all elements of a site from street furniture through rooftop structures to monopoles and lattice towers. We pride ourselves on furnishing engineered solutions for almost any problem from high capacity infrastructure to camouflaged sites.

Enclosures and Radio

Our multi-faceted enclosure portfolio provides a range of power, hardware and transmission options facilitating the deployment of our customers’ assets in differing environments; providing safe, secure and cost-effective solutions. For example, providing installation of large enclosures on rooftop sites is expensive and time-consuming. We provide several 'flatpack' enclosure solutions to enable transportation by hand to rooftop locations. With enclosures constructed on-site, we reduce disruption to the public and cost to our customers.


The electrical components within any enclosure require temperature management to maintain their operational efficiency. Cornerstone ensures that for all components introduced into the network there is a matching management scheme designed in, one that not only deals with operational efficiency but also works to our environmental awareness and aims to reduce the power requirement of our sites, for instance, street furniture enclosures are cooled with 100% fresh air.


Utilising electrical power at street level and in the public spaces brings additional standards into play to ensure everyone is kept safe. We operate to British and European Standards, as well as the DNO (Power Distribution Network Operator) requirements for each area. Our designs incorporate special measures to ensure ‘step and touch’ voltages do not appear on the metal cabinets placed in the street to keep the public safe, whatever type of electrical fault may occur. We engineer solutions to meet the requirements of the site and more importantly keep our people safe.

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