Health and Safety

Health and Safety is a top priority at Cornerstone, and we always ensure we work to high standards. To support this, Cornerstone has achieved OHSAS 18001, the international standard for an effective Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Fire safety

Cornerstone follows the Fire Reform Order and also performs our fire assessments. Any fire safety system under our landlord’s control, e.g. fire alarms, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers, must be inspected and tested by you to current standards and meet legislation requirements.

Radiofrequency compliance

Radio base stations and handsets use radio waves, a particular type of high-frequency electromagnetic field (EMF), to transfer information and make communication possible with mobile phones and devices.

Various regulations and guidelines apply when constructing and operating radio base stations, including those that protect Health and Safety.

Health and Safety guidelines and regulations govern exposure to the radio signals used in telecommunications. The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has developed the exposure limits adopted by the Government in the UK.

All mobile network operators design installations to comply with the ICNIRP exposure limits adopted in European Union directives and recommendations. The UK Government and Public Health England support this view.

Life-Saving Rules

We want to ensure that our landlords, contractors, and the public are always safe. We constantly review and enhance procedures and processes to remain compliant and adhere to all health and safety policies.

We have developed nine life-saving rules (SALUS) to enable people to access our sites safely. We want to assure our landlord community that our contractors adhere to high safety standards through our active approach. View the Life Saving Rules.