Sell your site.

Our landlords are essential in enabling communities to access reliable digital connectivity across the UK by hosting telecoms infrastructure. However, as the demand for telecommunications technology continues to grow, we are constantly exploring ways to develop easier and more efficient ways to manage and maintain our estate. Did you know Cornerstone now invests in acquiring new and existing telecommunication sites freehold?

By opting to partner with Cornerstone on a freehold basis, you could eliminate all the in-life obligations and administration associated with being a landlord, instead receiving a one-off capital payment. With no other third-party involvement, we’ll take care of the rest, allowing you to focus on what’s important. This option releases significant value and convenience as we continue to focus on providing reliable digital connectivity across the UK.

Sell your telecoms sites

“We work together with our landlords to find what works best for them. Offering a freehold purchase for sites can benefit our landlords and allow Cornerstone to manage and maintain sites more effectively.”

Julian Shariff
Head of Property and Estates

Discover the new opportunities Cornerstone is offering landlords like you. Read through our flyer to learn about our proposal to purchase the telecoms infrastructure site on your property.

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