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Site agreements

After identifying a potential location for installing a new electronic communications site, we engage with landowners to consider its use. We like to work together to agree on a suitable location and enter into an agreement.

Site providers receive a fair payment representing the value of the land and compensation for any costs or losses arising from the installation and use of the property.

The Government recognised that the partnership between operators and landowners is crucial for the future of the UK’s digital connectivity. The Electronic Communications Code (Code) legislation was updated in December 2017 to help drive quicker and more cost-effective installation of electronic communications apparatus.

Payment and fees

The payment for the use of a site will be based on the market value of the underlying land (or rooftop), excluding the value to the mobile operator. The property’s value will be based on the valuation principles contained in the Code.

“Through lowering the cost of infrastructure deployment and incentivising investment, the reform of the valuation should lead to improved connectivity and wider economic benefits."

DCMS Impact Assessment, 2016

What are Compensation and Consideration?

Compensation: If there are any losses that a landowner incurs from installing mobile infrastructure, they may be entitled to compensation.

Consideration: A consideration payment is when an operator pays the landowner site rent, based on what the market value of the land is to the landowner, as opposed to the telecom’s operator.

The Ofcom Code of Practice

The Government is very keen for all stakeholder groups, site providers and operators to work together. Through Ofcom, they have published a Code of Practice which outlines best practice to facilitate positive and productive engagement between landowners and operators. Download the Ofcom Code of Practice.

Industry communications framework

To further support the Government with its digital ambitions, we all need to co-operate when it comes to locating sites for our mobile infrastructure and completing agreements. Several parties are involved in this process, and we must all align to make the process smoother for us all. To help each other, many industry representatives, including Cornerstone, were brought together by The Department of Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) in March 2020 to agree on an industry communications framework. This framework’s formation promotes best practices between the site provider community, landlords and the telecoms community. It gives guidance on what is expected from all parties when liaising on agreements. The aim is for everyone to work to these guidelines so we can all expect consistency and a positive experience when working together in completing agreements for the use of your sites. View Industry Communications Framework.

If you would like to discuss your current agreement or have any further questions about site agreements, please contact us on

Site access

Site access.

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Health and Safety

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Industry resources

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