Our greenfield sites form the backbone of the national radio network and play a vital role in the deployment of mobile telecom infrastructure. Greenfield sites typically consist of a free-standing structure and a variety of enclosures that lead to a wide range of site design solutions. Greenfield sites drive efficiencies in the radio network.


“Right now, with the advent of 5G, is the most exciting time to be working in this field and alongside some of the smartest people in the industry. What we are doing now, with all the changes the industry has recently experienced and with the change that 5G will bring, will define our network infrastructure for the foreseeable future.”

Engineering Manager – Structural Design

As with all thing’s technology-related, the landscape is always changing and with that complexity comes a need to continuously develop and improve our greenfield network, providing safer access and working areas, more efficient and cost-effective structures and, in essence, building for the future.

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