Working with our acquisition suppliers, we conduct the full remit of acquisition, providing our customers with the required rights to deploy the radio equipment needed to deliver coverage to end mobile users. This vital coverage and connectivity are made possible with the acquisition knowledge and expertise brought by Cornerstone and our people. From site sourcing to management, Cornerstone's acquisition team can guide you.


“Here at Cornerstone we are delighted to be working collaboratively with our highly skilled Acquisition partners to deliver the services necessary to allow our customers to rollout and upgrade the cutting edge mobile networks which enable vital digital connectivity in the UK.”

Chris Rose
National Asset Manager

We work across the length and breadth of the UK, supporting our customers to obtain the sites needed to provide mobile connectivity, that provides the best and most effective solutions to requirements. Across urban and rural locations, our insight into the UK's connectivity infrastructure and demand means we are perfectly placed to support telecom site acquisition. Our expertise and knowledge of delivering mobile infrastructure mean we can consider all site types when assessing their suitability in providing connectivity for our customers. These include:

  • UK Mobile Site Acquisition Services
  • Outgoing UK Mobile Site Share Services
  • Real Estate Planning Professional Services

Working together with specialist telecoms surveying practices allows us to give our customers an end to end acquisition service which is explained below: