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Welcome to the latest issue of Connected, Cornerstone’s landlord newsletter. Cornerstone knows it is vital that we continue to invest in our relationship with you. Open, transparent and insightful communication is critical to keep our customers, partners and wider communities updated on our industry.

This online hub is a crucial resource for you and your relationship with Cornerstone. You can access and read each of this issue’s articles here. We encourage you to provide your information below to ensure you never miss a Cornerstone communication.

Welcome Issue 2

Welcome from Cornerstone

Welcome to Connected, the new name for our dedicated Landlord publication, which marks the beginning of a very dynamic phase in the mobile infrastructure market in the UK.

Meet our new brand

Meet our new brand

Communication is key in relationships and our new brand comes with a renewed strategy from Cornerstone to ensure all our audiences share our knowledge.

Improving mobile coverage in rural areas

Improving mobile coverage in rural areas

In today’s modern world being connected is critical. The ability to browse online, chat and access information when we need it, should be viewed as usual activity and not a privilege.

Connected communities

Connected communities

Engaging with audiences and improving our digital economy is at the forefront of Cornerstone’s approach to good relationships.

What is 5G?

What is 5G?

Chances are you’ve heard the term ‘5G’ before, but what exactly does it mean? We help explain what 5G will mean for you and the future of mobile digital communications.

Contacting us

Contacting us

We are committed to responding to all correspondence as efficiently as possible. Our dedicated Landlord contact page will allow you to stay in touch.

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Landlord / landlord agent invoicing

Rent / service charge

For all rent / service charge invoicing for site agreements in the name of Cornerstone, Vodafone, Telefónica or O2, please send your invoice to:
Cornerstone / Vodafone / Telefónica / O2 (delete as appropriate)
Cornerstone Estates, c/o Cluttons LLP,
1st Floor, Imperium Building, Imperial Way,
Worton Grange, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 0TD.

Or email


For all invoicing for power used by Telefónica or 02 please send to Cluttons at either the above postal or email address.

For all invoicing for power used by Vodafone please send your invoice to

Formal notices e.g. change of address / other letters

All formal notices / letters MUST be addressed to the tenant / licensee named in your agreement at the address specified in the agreement.

We also recommend you send a copy to Cluttons at either the above postal or email address.

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As you may know, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) became effective from 25th May 2018. This regulation sets out new rules on UK data privacy law providing greater rights for individuals and how companies must handle their data.

At Cornerstone we have been working hard to ensure we comply with these changes. You will find details about how we manage and protect your data in our Cornerstone Data Privacy Notice on our website at www.cornerstone.network.

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