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Engaging with audiences and improving our digital economy is at the forefront of Cornerstone’s approach to good relationships.

This strategy means we are always looking for ways on how we can reach and inform those audiences. One of our new initiatives for 2019 is holding Continued Professional Development (CPD) Seminars around the UK. The events hosted by Cornerstone will give insight into best practises by industry experts and will also provide networking opportunities.

Our first event, which took place on the 5th April in Birmingham, was for representatives of our landlord community to help better understand the latest land valuation principles and legislation in the Electronic Communications Code. It also included guest speakers from Ofcom and Gateley Hamer, providing insight and guidance.

After the event, the feedback was that the discussions were well balanced and did not shy away from current hot topics. This included the recent land tribunal cases on the Electronic Communications Code.

This initial event is part of a series of initiatives to provide you with access to our shared knowledge. These will be a combination of face to face meet up events around UK.  

‘After 15 months of the Code being in operation and with significant decisions beginning to filter out of the Upper Tribunal it was timely to hold an event that brought together a large number of agents acting for landlord’s, landlords themselves, and other interested parties.  The Code is obviously contentious and the wording of various paragraphs gives rise to different interpretations, which will inevitably lead to disagreements and the need, in some cases, for dispute resolution.  However, everybody recognises the importance of reliable networks, and it is clear that Government is seeking to ensure the UK is not left behind in terms of connectivity and 5G roll-out; the people in the room, and in the sector more generally, all understand that.  Now it’s about how operators and landowners work together so that the new Code achieves its purpose, and this event was all about maintaining, and in some respects, kick-starting healthy conversations in that regard.  Understanding each other’s positions and having open debates about Tribunal decisions is sensible, and we were delighted to host an event that fostered that approach’

Jonathan Stott,
Managing Director, Gateley Hamer and Chair of the Compulsory Purchase Association.

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