Welcome to your latest issue of Connected.

As an industry, the focus is on rolling out new sites and upgrading existing sites to deliver enhanced 4G and 5G connectivity and provide access to more people across the UK to mobile broadband. 5G will bring huge benefits to local areas. Some examples are:

  • Improvements in our digital transport systems
  • Safer and more efficient shopping centres
  • Acceleration of the transition to zero carbon emission
  • Reduction in household bills
  • Stabilise renewable energy supply and reduce waste

The Shared Rural Network (SRN) programme is bringing mobile broadband to rural communities across the UK that previously had no or very little connectivity. We are working together with Mobile Network Operators and the Government and contributing significantly to the cost to help deliver the sites, which are otherwise economically unviable. You can find out more about the SRN programme at srn.org.uk