Community relations

When we install or upgrade our telecoms infrastructure on sites, we want to give our landlords and local communities peace of mind from any concerns that may arise. That’s why we have a Community Relations team at Cornerstone to support you and overcome any community-related issues.

Hear from our Community, Government Relations and Media Manager, Dr Ilana Clark, who gives us an overview of our Community Relations team.

Why is Community Relations important to Cornerstone?

Cornerstone manages the largest network of telecommunications infrastructure in the UK. We understand that some people may be concerned about new and existing developments close to where they live, work, or spend their leisure time. Our Community Relations team manages these concerns and queries. As well as a strong focus on base stations and health, we also support the Build teams when we have installations where locals may actively protest against our works. We are always open to interacting and engaging with local communities, site providers, local media, and other stakeholders, including MPs, to address any matters related to our telecoms infrastructure.