Keeping your site safe. A new digital solution.

The safety of our landlords is a top priority at Cornerstone. We are always looking for innovative solutions to improve our site management and reassure our landlords that their sites are secure.

Cornerstone is implementing a digital solution by Locken for security and operational efficiency. It will comprise of an online booking portal, which links directly to a smart key. The key uses magnetic induction to power the lock and open it, and it can pair with any iOS or Android phone to gain access to the specific location required. The lock itself has a level of intelligence to know where and when it has been used. This is an effective way to manage site access bookings and prevent unauthorised access.

We will install the locks over time, but the online booking portal and mobile app will be released first. The online portal is a quick and simple booking system for our suppliers. It requests a location, date, and person in charge or leading the works, which will then be sent to the app for signing in on-site. The system is user-friendly with minimal impact on time and is a great way to get used to the digital system in preparation for the sites with locks. It is a mandatory requirement to use the portal and mobile app on all sites regardless of the lock implementation or not.

There are multiple benefits to this solution. With this system, we will be able to improve the security of our estate, giving our landlords peace of mind and helping us manage site access better.