Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Following the advice of the UK government and Public Health England concerning coronavirus (COVID-19), at Cornerstone, we are continuously reviewing our approach. We are working closely with our partners, customers, and landlords to ensure we are doing what we can together to support each other in this pandemic.

A message from the CEO of Cornerstone - Rhys Phillip

As COVID-19 continues to impact people's lives in the UK and globally, Cornerstone's priority is to maintain the critical national infrastructure for the tens of millions of people who use our customers networks.

Our Business Continuity Plans have been tested as never before and we continue to provide an excellent level of service.

I am immensely proud of the Cornerstone team, our partners, landlords and our shareholders for their tremendous effort to maintain the integrity of the mobile network. In these challenging conditions, to ensure our sites remain available and accessible, all our key workers have letters of authority to ensure they can deliver the maintenance services our network relies upon. To make it easier for them to access sites, we are also giving them high visibility jackets showing they are Key Workers as designated by the government.

We are coming together in a way not seen before, with a common goal, to maintain connections for society, the emergency services, the NHS and UK business. Together, we are making a difference.


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