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The challenge

In a data-obsessed world where demand is growing every day, information is power. With it comes the opportunity to harness data for the good of humanity, to make a difference. One area driving innovation is the Environment: specifically measuring the effects of climate change. Around the world, numerous initiatives and actions are in progress in a race for our planet’s survival.

Cornerstone is working with Vodafone, Vantage Towers, Scotswolds and a leading university on a UK and European first initiative, to deploy sensors on its towers in Glasgow to measure air quality, noise and weather.

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The solution

A Cornerstone site in central Glasgow is being used to host high-end air quality, noise and weather sensors. These state-of-the-art sensors measure different types of gases such as carbon dioxide, Nitrogen Oxides, Ozone and Particulate Matter (PM), every minute of every day.

The solution uses an innovative SIM-based transmission from a mobile network without needing special backhaul transmission, making deployment quicker and easier to roll out without requiring cabling.

The amount of environmental data being gathered is significant. To build a more comprehensive picture, Cornerstone will use an additional ten sites in Glasgow in 2023 to deploy more sensors across the city centre. These will be placed on various infrastructure types, such as street-level works and towers, creating a dynamic network. As well as static measures, the sensors will be able to track the movement of the gases and particles between different location points to measure if there are any changes over time.


The expectation is that the data analysis from this initiative will help inform all of us to lead a better quality of life. Not only for the residents of Glasgow but nationally. With an increased understanding of environmental changes through data sensors, governments at local and national levels can take decisions or introduce measures to ensure that the air we breathe is of acceptable quality and not polluted by harmful gases or particles.

Understanding the microclimate conditions of a given region or locality empowers individuals and businesses to take informed actions too. The power of data can act as a catalyst for change. Indeed, plans are in place to deploy environmental data sensors in Barcelona and southeast Africa.

We are at the start of an exciting trend that will have a positive international impact. A wide range of sensors, whose uses go way beyond capturing environmental measurements, have the potential to improve our lives from the insights they gather.

Cornerstone, a pioneer and proud supporter of innovation, is committed to playing its part as a Social, Responsible, and Inclusive business. We understand the seriousness of environmental pollution and are involved with other eco-friendly initiatives, such as the UK’s first self-powering mobile phone mast

We are up for the challenge of delivering change, both small and big, to inspire transformation in our society.

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