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We have listened to you

As part of our drive to continuously deliver excellence to our landlords, we carried out our annual Landlord Survey.

Thank you to all who participated and took the time to give us your feedback. It is important to us at Cornerstone to hear from you, and take on board your comments and suggestions, so we can ensure we build stronger connections with you.

Listening to your feedback, we wanted to let you know that we have put an action plan in place to address some of the areas. Here is a snapshot of some of the results and actions:

Many of you stated that you are not aware of our Landlord Pledge

Action Our Landlord Pledge is our promise to always work and effectively communicate with you. You can find our Landlord Pledge here in this issue.

We asked what aspect would increase your level of satisfaction with Cornerstone?

Action The most common answer was to provide a named contact. At Cornerstone, we manage over 20,000 sites. To help us effectively respond to all our landlords, we have several teams and partners who deal with enquiries in a timely manner. Our current process ensures there is always someone available to respond to our landlords. However, when relevant, we will always allocate one point of contact for specific situations to make the contact process as smooth as possible. Please refer to our back page of this issue for more information on our contact details.

We asked in what ways could we improve our general estate matters and site upgrade work?

Action Although we had a positive response from many landlords saying there was nothing to improve on, which we were delighted to hear, we will continue to listen and work with you to improve our engagement on site visits and all other matters.

We always welcome feedback from our landlords. If you'd like to share anything with us, please email us on

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