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Our promise to you

Our Landlord Pledge is a promise to always work and effectively communicate with you. We are committed to practising the Landlord Pledge and always welcome feedback to ensure we provide our landlords with best-in-class service. To further support this, we follow the Ofcom Code of Practice at every stage of our engagement with you, when we acquire and visit sites, ensuring consistent behaviours.

Our Landlord Pledge demonstrates that we are:

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I am professional.

  • I am competent: I have the skills and knowledge to do my job well.
  • I am reliable: I am dependable and arrive on time.
  • I am accountable: I am responsible for my actions and the consequences, good and bad.
  • I go the extra mile: I ensure the landlord receives a positive experience.
  • I put safety first: I always adhere to our health and safety rules.

I am open.

  • I communicate: I let people know when and why I am on site.
  • I give the complete picture: I give details on timescales, visits and attendees to complete site tasks.
  • I address mistakes: I understand the importance to rectify mistakes as quickly as possible.
  • I make honest commitments: I keep my promises and ensure parties are informed of progress.
  • I flag issues: If I’m aware of an issue affecting the landlord or site access, I ensure it is reported.

I am courteous.

  • I acknowledge people: I greet people when I meet them.
  • I am polite: I understand that good manners go a long way in building valuable relationships.
  • I dress appropriately: I always look smart when arriving at a customer’s site.
  • I complete basic tasks: I understand that tasks like closing gates is critical to landowners.
  • I am considerate: I consider the possible impact of my actions before proceeding.
  • I understand: I abide by the countryside code.

I am respectful.

  • I respect people’s property: I treat the landlord’s premises in the same way I would treat my own.
  • I work with integrity: People can rely on my consistent principles.
  • I am discreet: I recognise the importance of confidential information, disclosing only when relevant.
  • I am not controversial: I avoid discussing potentially sensitive issues in public.

I am always ready to talk.

  • I am approachable: People can talk to me easily.
  • I listen: People can rely on me to give them an opportunity to explain any issues they have.
  • I am positive in my communications: I present solutions, rather than problems.
  • I am a facilitator: I will champion problems, making sure I find the right person to resolve them.
  • I am consistent: I recognise consistent messaging helps people understand our collective goals.

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