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Your guide to a Multi-Skilled Visit

Cornerstone enables telecom operators, like Vodafone and Telefónica, to deploy their networks in the UK in order to provide the public with high-quality electronic communications services.

To achieve this, we need to acquire sites on which apparatus such as masts, antennas and dishes can be installed and operated.

Before acquiring or upgrading a site, we often need to carry out a Multi-Skilled Visit (MSV).

What is a Multi-Skilled Visit (MSV)?

An MSV is a site survey carried out by a variety of individuals on behalf of operators who assess whether a site is suitable for the installation and operation of apparatus.

When does an MSV take place?

An MSV occurs when an operator wishes to either assess whether:

  • A new site is suitable for the installation of new apparatus; or
  • Apparatus on an existing site can be upgraded

Landowner protection

Cornerstone will endeavour to cause as little inconvenience to the landowner as possible. In the unlikely event that any damage is caused during the MSV, Cornerstone will repair any physical damage caused as soon as possible and to the landowner’s satisfaction.

It also maintains public and products liability insurance, covering personal injury and third-party property damage as standard.

What happens after the MSV?

If the MSV has revealed that the site is not suitable for the installation of apparatus, then no further action will be taken.

If the MSV has confirmed that the site is suitable, Cornerstone will:

  • Prepare detailed design drawings;
  • Consult with you to reach a consensual agreement which permits Cornerstone to install apparatus on the site; and
  • Submit a planning application (where necessary) for the installation of the apparatus.

Working together

It is Cornerstone’s intention to always reach an agreement with the landowner which permits access for an MSV.

Where an agreement cannot be reached voluntarily, Cornerstone, as a code Operator, has a statutory right under the Electronic Communications Code to conduct the MSV.

This means that access can be imposed by the Upper Lands Tribunal even if the landowner does not consent to this. At Cornerstone, we aim to avoid such situations where possible and are always willing to work together with landlords.

The MSV visit will typically take between two to four hours and can involve:


Establishing the potential location, under or over the land, having consideration to structural, radio and planning matters, to enable detailed design drawings to be produced;


Testing the structural capabilities of any building or structure upon the land to see if it can support the apparatus;


Identifying temporary working and storage areas for carrying out construction, maintenance and decommissioning works together with potential parking areas;


Verifying the routes of any existing (or potential) underground services at the land;


Connecting into any power sources and testing these if possible, to see whether an additional power supply will be required;


Taking measurements and photographs, using tape measures, cameras and drones.

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