Joint statement on the Electronic Communications Code

Joint statement on the Electronic Communications Code

Wednesday, 08 August 2018

The Electronic Communications Code (ECC) is in a transitional period and at Cornerstone, we see the importance of keeping our audiences up to date on all progress. The following joint statement extract from DCMS, RICS, CLA and Mobile UK reaffirms their commitments to the Electronic Communications Code.

- Statement Begins -

The reformed Electronic Communications Code (ECC) came into force in December 2017 with the aim of boosting coverage and connectivity across the UK, through a package of measures which Government expects to deliver significant cost reductions to the sector while ensuring that landowners receive a fair payment for allowing their land to be used.

Since the new legislation was introduced, there have been problems with negotiations progressing. While some initial uncertainty is to be expected, Government, regulators, the telecoms sector, independent infrastructure providers and the landowner community, recognise the importance of all parties working collaboratively together, both during this transition period and moving forwards.

We are therefore coming together to reaffirm the commitments made to each other in Ofcom's Code of Practice, and to reiterate our support for the Government's ambition to be a leading global economy underpinned by world-class full fibre network and 5G infrastructure. It is essential that parties engage professionally in open and constructive communications. The future needs of customers and the economy are too important for it to be otherwise.

- Statement Ends -