Welcome to Cornerstone, explore our brand

Welcome to Cornerstone, explore our brand

Friday, 08 February 2019

Welcome to Cornerstone, the new name for CTIL, the UK’s leading infrastructure services company. It’s time to introduce you to our new brand identity, reflecting an exciting time in our company’s development.

The Cornerstone brand captures the spirit of how we work with each other, our partners, landlords and shareholders Telefónica UK Limited (“O2”) and Vodafone Limited (“Vodafone”). Our brand drives us to provide the best experience for the tens of millions of voice and data customers using the UK networks that depend on our infrastructure.

We are at the forefront of the rollout of 5G, providing thought leadership on new legislation affecting our industry and leading the conversation on innovation.

We don’t just connect businesses, we connect people, to each other and to what matters, to their world and the world around them.

We join the dots by solving the challenges of tomorrow, today.

Shared knowledge and a culture based on support have always driven us to make stronger connections. The launch of this new media hub, packed with resources to keep you up to date with Cornerstone, our industry and the future of mobile connectivity, will strengthen those values.

Our new website is under development, and we will launch it soon. It is a place to communicate, learn and inspire transformation.

Join the future.

Rhys Phillip