Industry Insight

The Code

From our previous issues, you would have heard about the Electronic Communications Code consultation that took place between January 2021 - March 2021. The Consultation intended to address certain loopholes in the revised version of the Code (December 2017).

In conjunction with the Speed Up Britain campaign, Cornerstone had responded to the Consultation to accelerate and make it easier to roll out the mobile infrastructure we need for digital connectivity.

The Government published the consultation response in December, and we were pleased to get insight into their intentions to make The Code more effective. We understand there’s been concern over the valuation framework on site rents since the revision of the Code in 2017. However, the Government’s response also stated that they believe the existing statutory framework is appropriate for facilitating the installation and maintenance of our national infrastructure. Cornerstone will continue to apply the Tribunals’ guidance that has taken place since 2017 in their negotiations with site providers to ensure we reach fair outcomes.