Sharper solutions deliver sharper connectivity

In 2021, Glasgow City Council completed several Code agreements with Cornerstone to help accelerate mobile infrastructure deployment for better digital services throughout the city. Scottish Futures Trust is standing by to help ‘productise’ this concept so other Councils across Scotland can drive improvements in their local connectivity too.

Since then, progress has been made on sites, and areas within Glasgow are starting to gain the benefits of improved mobile coverage and connectivity.

A lot of planning and research is involved when choosing a site for telecoms infrastructure. Several parties need to work together to ensure they deliver a suitable solution that will have minimal impact on the environment, be easily accessible and provide network coverage effectively within the area.

Once this planning stage is completed, the infrastructure deployment will begin. The rollout of networks must be carried out in accordance with best operational practices. One site that was part of the agreement is Burnfield Road. Work on site is complete and is an excellent example of what the collaboration between Glasgow City Council and Cornerstone has achieved.