We have some significant updates to highlight to you in this issue. We endeavour to keep our landlords updated with what’s happening at Cornerstone and within the telecommunications industry. We want you to know how your support greatly impacts providing essential services to communities.

In August, our former CEO, Rhys Phillip, left Cornerstone to pursue a new opportunity. While our search continues to find a permanent replacement, I am pleased to share that I have taken on the role of Interim CEO. I will still be committed to my current role as Director of Property and Estates and General Counsel in parallel to my new responsibility.

I look forward to leading in this role to ensure we continue providing excellent service to all our customers and landlords.

Earlier this month, we hosted our Cornerstone Partner Conference for our suppliers in Oxfordshire. The purpose of this event was to bring together all our suppliers to understand us better and update them with the latest information.

A key objective of the event was to reinforce the expected supplier’s behaviour when representing us at our landlord’s sites. We are mindful that you often deal with our contractors and agents, and it’s our responsibility to brief our suppliers accordingly so you can always have a positive experience regardless of who is dealing with you directly.