Site Safety

We want to remind you of the health and safety guidelines that must be adhered to on your sites. Our antennas have exclusion zones, which means you must not enter them. Exclusion zones around the antennas are normally inaccessible as they require specialist equipment for working at height. Signage has been placed around our infrastructure to ensure our landlords, the public and workers comply with these zone limits.

Site Signage

You will find site signage information in your Landlord Welcome Packs. However, as a reminder, we have stated these below. Please ensure you and anyone working on your site are familiar with what the signs mean so we can prevent any health and safety incidents.

Site Entry Sign

Sign Entry Sign

The sign is designed to inform visitors of the Cell Site reference and Operators.

What form or type of hazard exists on the site that they could be exposed to;

What actions they need to take to avoid or minimise such exposure;

Who operates the equipment that is producing the hazard;

How to contact the site operators present on site.

Boundary Signs

Boundary Sign

This sign will be placed at the boundary of any non-compliance area.

It is designed to give a clear warning of the nature of the hazard and details of the owner of the equipment.

Antenna Sign

Antenna Sign

The majority of people are unable to recognise an antenna.

Therefore, this sign will be placed on the structure itself.

Additional Signage

Additional Signage

Often, additional signage may be displayed for shared antennas, such as the example here.

Please ensure that the instructions are followed carefully and that both operators are contacted should the need arise.

Emergency contact

If you need to contact us for an urgent situation on your site where exclusion zones have been entered without permission, please contact us. The Mitie Management Centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Telephone: 0800 084 3454 Email: