GSMA - how 5G works and recently updated international safety guidelines

Monday, 15 June 2020

  • In a bite-sized video about 5G, the GSMA takes a global view in its narrative. The video opens with a statement that 5G will transform all our lives in how we interact with the world. It explains how smart antennas and small cells will provide the signaling capacity to work when needed, performing very much like a flashlight.

    Safety concerns are addressed through the International Safety Guidelines that protect consumers by setting limits on exposure to electromagnetic fields. At their last update in 2020, no established health risks were found for people using a mobile device, with exposure levels, including 5G, below the guideline levels. Public health officials and experts also support this view.

    Encouraging governments around the world to adopt the International Safety Guidelines, will enable 5G, and the benefits it can give to be delivered quickly and safely.