Cornerstone Announces Key Sponsorship of Connected Britain 2024

Cornerstone Announces Key Sponsorship of Connected Britain 2024


Cornerstone, the UK's leading digital infrastructure services provider, is proud to announce its platinum sponsorship of Connected Britain 2024. The event, recognised as the UK's most important digital economy gathering, will take place on 11-12 September 2024 at the ExCeL London, bringing together 7,500 stakeholders from across the connectivity ecosystem.

With a portfolio of approximately 15,700 sites across the UK, Cornerstone has established itself as a leader in telecoms infrastructure deployment. The company’s focus on excellence and innovation drives its commitment to advancing the UK's digital economy. As a key sponsor, Cornerstone aims to contribute significantly to the dialogue and initiatives that will shape the future of the UK's digital landscape.

About Cornerstone: Cornerstone is at the forefront of the UK's digital infrastructure services sector, providing cutting-edge solutions for telecoms infrastructure deployment. With a steadfast dedication to innovation and quality, Cornerstone is instrumental in driving the UK's digital economy, ensuring robust and reliable connectivity for all.

About Connected Britain 2024: Connected Britain is the premier event for the UK's digital economy, bringing together 7,500 stakeholders and 350 esteemed speakers from various sectors of the connectivity ecosystem. The event will explore the immense opportunities presented by digital infrastructure and emerging technologies, highlighting the socio-economic benefits for the UK’s people, businesses, and communities. Attendees will gain insights from industry leaders who are spearheading innovation and driving the UK’s digital future.

Key Highlights:

  • Event Dates: 11-12 September 2024
  • Location: ExCeL London
  • Attendees: 7,500 stakeholders and 350 esteemed speakers from the connectivity ecosystem

At Connected Britain 2024, Cornerstone will showcase its latest innovations and strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing the UK's digital infrastructure. The company’s participation underscores its commitment to supporting the UK's digital transformation and ensuring that excellent connectivity unlocks positive socio-economic benefits nationwide.
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About Cornerstone:

Cornerstone is the UK's leading digital infrastructure services company, with approximately 15,500 sites across the country. The company provides innovative solutions for telecoms infrastructure deployment and is committed to driving the UK's technological evolution.

About Connected Britain:

Connected Britain is the UK's most significant digital economy event, fostering collaboration and innovation among 7,500 stakeholders in the connectivity ecosystem. The event highlights the transformative potential of digital infrastructure and emerging technologies for the UK’s socio-economic growth.