All the best Rhys!

All the best Rhys!

Thursday, 25 August 2022

Today Rhys Phillip leaves us as CEO.

Having joined Cornerstone in 2018, through his leadership and vision he has positively transformed Cornerstone.

The commercialisation of Cornerstone in 2021 under Rhys’ leadership is a fundamental shift in our business operating model. It has opened up new customer opportunities on top of our critical role in enabling mobile connectivity across the UK.

In addition, Rhys has been a driving force behind Cornerstone's cultural change and brand. He has provided support, guidance and created an environment where people can grow and feel empowered.

The result of this four year transformation is that Cornerstone has been shaped into a highly innovative team, which employees rate as a great place to work. And from that cornerstone, we will continue to build on our future success.

Thank you Rhys for everything you have done on a personal and business level. We will miss you.