Cornerstone delivers critical mobile infrastructure to Torr, outside Ballycastle, in rural Northern Ireland for its mobile customers

Cornerstone delivers critical mobile infrastructure to Torr, outside Ballycastle, in rural Northern Ireland for its mobile customers

Cornerstone, the UK's leading digital mobile infrastructure services company, is pleased to announce the completion of a vital new infrastructure project in Torr, just outside Ballycastle in Northern Ireland, for its customers Virgin Media O2 and Vodafone, in collaboration with its trusted build partner, WHP Telecoms.

The successful delivery of this complex project, deployed to enable mobile operators to provide 4G connectivity to some of the most rural parts of the region, has the potential to significantly enhance connectivity and bring huge benefits to the local community, tourists, and businesses. As part of this initiative, Cornerstone conducted an archaeological dig which showcases its commitment to due diligence and preserving the region's heritage.

The new infrastructure in Torr addresses the long-standing connectivity challenges faced by the area's residents and businesses. The installation is another major milestone in Cornerstone's mission to support its customers and the community across the UK in ensuring connectivity is accessible to everyone, including underserved rural areas. The introduction of 4G in this area is especially beneficial for public safety, given the region’s coastal positioning, ensuring reliable communication during emergencies and enhancing overall safety for residents and visitors alike.

Sean McHenry, Cornerstone's Head of Town Planning, invited Councillor Maighréad Watson to the site to witness the installation firsthand. Torr, renowned for its rich history and stunning landscapes, sits on the famed Causeway Coast Road, which is famous for the Giants Causeway, the North West 200 motorbike racing, the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge and world-class golf courses. The site is a stone's throw from the iconic filming locations of Game of Thrones and The Northmen.

The site, steeped in history, includes a Scheduled Ancient Monument and a listed Cold War Navy listening station. Cornerstone deployed this site in consultation with the Historic Environment Division, ensuring everything was done with respect for the area's heritage while also not leaving anyone behind from the benefits of technological advancement.

Councillor Maighréad Watson highlighted the project's significance: "I am delighted to have supported the implementation of this much needed infrastructure, that will enable strong 4G coverage for both locals and tourists for this well visited area. The Glens has suffered from inadequate mobile and broadband connectivity, which we depend heavily on as a society. This infrastructure will make great progress for businesses and tourism. It will provide opportunities for businesses to not only complete their work on the ground and contribute to the local economy, but progress sales online and promotion of products and services. On a broader scope, it will provide opportunities for the people of The Glens to have a better connection to communicate and carry out daily necessities."

Sean McHenry added, "As a local resident, I understand the vital importance of robust connectivity for our community. At Cornerstone, we have worked closely with locally elected members, the Historic Environment Division (HED), and the council to ensure that our infrastructure respects the unique character of our areas of outstanding natural beauty, the listed buildings and ancient monuments. Better connectivity benefits our farmers with access to real-time data, enriches tourists' experiences, and promotes public safety by enabling faster emergency responses and better communication networks."

Cornerstone focuses on environmentally sensitive infrastructure and complex builds with emphasis on local stakeholder consultation and sustainably responsible initiatives to protect the historical or environmental treasures of local communities.

Cornerstone, the UK's trusted partner in digital mobile infrastructure.

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About Torr

Torr is the closest part of Northern Ireland to Scotland — with clear views to the Mull of Kintyre — made famous by the Paul McCartney song titled after the headland. It is also the site where Marconi tested early radio, connecting Ballycastle to Rathlin Island, echoing a legacy of innovation. This project ensures that Torr remains a place where history and modernity coexist harmoniously.

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