Driving a positive change for the future of mobile connectivity

Driving a positive change for the future of mobile connectivity

Monday, 27 April 2020

For many years, we have experienced how the growth of mobile services has made a positive impact on us individually and our business lives.

But it doesn’t stop there.

With the increasing public demand for next-generation mobile technology, the telecoms industry is constantly delivering its services and finding innovative ways on how to keep us all digitally connected.

Although it is always a focus, during the COVID-19 Pandemic that we are currently facing, it has become even more important to build stronger connections with the landlord community, as well as the property and legal industries.

Mobile connectivity is enabling us all to access the emergency services, work from home remotely and be socially connected.

We need to work together and refer to the Electronic Communications Code legislation (ECC), which was updated in December 2017, to help maintain and roll-out mobile infrastructure more quickly and easily. It’s up to us all to play our key roles and use the ECC to overcome any uncertainties, while we carry on deploying and upgrading the nation’s critical infrastructure.

At Cornerstone, the UK’s leading mobile infrastructure services provider, we have supported the Government’s intention behind the ECC. We have been at the forefront of implementing the Code for the acquisition and maintenance of our infrastructure, which is placed on rooftops, greenfield sites (mainly in rural locations) and street work sites.

The changes in the ECC have presented different opinions and interpretations within the industries. However, using the Ofcom Code of Practice, and taking guidance from the tribunal decisions, will help us all to unveil the correct use of the ECC.

Now, more than ever, let’s work together to stay digitally connected across the UK.

Carlos Pierce, Head of Legal Projects Strategy & The Code Programme

Cornerstone is the UK's leading mobile infrastructure services company set up as a joint venture between Vodafone and Telefónica.

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