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Keeping the UK connected

Recognising the ongoing importance of telecommunications during the COVID-19 pandemic, the government published a report confirming telecoms as a critical sector in response to dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak. The report by DCMS gives guidance to telecom operators and landowners.

Our telecom key workers have continued to carry out critical work on sites during the pandemic, to ensure that we all still have access to digital connectivity which is keeping us all connected. We are thankful to our landlord’s support who have adjusted to the situation and enabled our key workers to come on-site.

The report highlighted guidance on agreements between landlords and telecommunication network providers. It stated:

“Maintaining the integrity of our communications networks is of paramount importance to sustain the increasing demands being placed on them. Landowners and occupiers of land who have entered into agreements with providers of telecommunications networks should continue to meet their obligations under those agreements. This particularly applies to any contractual obligations to provide access to sites to inspect, maintain, adjust, repair or upgrade electronic communications equipment. It is vital that such access is provided for emergency repairs, routine maintenance and critical upgrades, under existing contractual arrangements.” Department for Culture, Media & Sport,

To help the public and landlords recognise our telecom key workers, we have given them hi-vis jackets which clearly identify them as key workers, to minimise any public concerns about why they are there. We’d like to express a special thank you to all the key workers who have kept the nation safe, and connected.

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