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Welcome to our online Autumn / Winter Newsletter. Cornerstone knows it is vital that we continue to invest in our relationship with you. Open, transparent and insightful communication is critical to keep our customers, partners and wider communities updated on our industry.

This online hub will become a crucial resource for you and your relationship with Cornerstone. You can access and read each of this issue’s articles here. We encourage you to provide your information below to ensure you never miss a Cornerstone communication.

A changing digital world

A changing digital world.

The telecommunications industry is constantly changing. Belinda Fawcett, General Counsel and Director of Property and Estates for Cornerstone examines some of those key changes including developing our ongoing relationship with you.

Connecting with you

Connecting with you.

We explore Cornerstone's communication plans on improving our dialogue with you. Liz Gardner, Cornerstone Communications Manager explains the importance of keeping you up to date.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation.

The importance of partnership in achieving the digital connectivity goals of UK Plc. Our guest contributor Derek McManus, Telefónica UK Chief Operating Officer discusses the opportunities improved connectivity can bring to us all.

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