Case study.

Littlehampton Town Football Club.Littlehampton Town Football Club is based in Littlehampton, England. Supporting Cornerstone in enabling mobile connectivity for the local community, the football club hosts our mobile infrastructure on their club grounds.

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The challenge

During a phase of severe winds and weather conditions, Littlehampton Football Club became concerned that the bad weather they experienced may have impacted the monopole hosted on their grounds. The club responsibly reported the potential issue to Cornerstone and advised that a match was due to take place that evening.

The solution

Health and safety is a top priority at Cornerstone. Carrying out the procedural health and safety protocols, we firstly advised the football club to cancel the match, ensuring that the public and players were safe from any unforeseen circumstances.

Understanding the impact on the club, Cornerstone attended to the situation immediately. Within 24 hours, the monopole was replaced to ensure the infrastructure would not cause any future issues.

As a result of the spontaneous response by Cornerstone, their partners and the support from the club, the football fixtures programme was able to continue as planned.

“Cornerstone was on the ball since the evening we were told that our game would have to be cancelled. They sent a workforce team down to rectify the problem (change the mast). They worked hand in hand with us, completing the job within a quick time frame.”

Club representative, Littlehampton Football Club.


The telecoms infrastructure situated near the pitch plays an important part in providing the local community with mobile coverage and connectivity.

Hear what our landlord had to say when we asked them about the benefits of hosting a mast.

How has placing mobile infrastructure in your area helped?

You do seem to obtain quicker 4G speed. The local residents and businesses have benefitted from the replacement mast.

Are there any specific details you can share on the benefits it has brought to your local area?

Speed is of the essence, and yes, it has improved.

Cornerstone gives the facts, they explain their plan and get it done.