Life saving rules - Keeping you safe

Health & Safety is critical at Cornerstone. We want to ensure that you, our contractors, and the public are always safe. Our Operational Compliance and Governance Team constantly review and enhance procedures and processes to ensure we remain compliant and adhere to all health and safety policies. To help improve this, we launched our new life saving rules – SALUS (The Goddess of Health & Welfare).

Our nine life saving rules have been developed to enable people to access our sites safely. Whether that’s at ground level or performing high-risk activities, these rules not only create a common safety culture, but also demonstrate Cornerstone’s values.

We want to assure our landlord community that our contractors adhere to high safety standards through our active approach.

Our contractors must always follow these rules:

Working with our near electricity

Working with or near electricity

You must have a written demonstrable competency. No LIVE working!

Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Never enter the Cornerstone estate under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol.

Working at height

Working at height

You must always wear fall protection equipment, where a fall from height is foreseeable!

Lifting Operations

Lifting Operations

You must have a written plan for lifting objects, with relevant competence at all stages, protecting those impacted or involved.

Driving safely

Driving safely

You must be competent, familiar, skilled and knowledgeable, and your vehicle must be in good serviceable condition.

Health Exposures

Health Exposures

You must understand the Health Exposures, including Radio Frequency Hazards at site level and ensure these are controlled.

Site Placement and Design Governance

Site Placement & Design Governance

Risks must be controlled at the source. Demonstrable control must be in place from work planning and for the site’s life cycle.

Access and Work Planning Arrangements

Access & Work Planning Arrangements

Access arrangements must be followed and activities suitably assessed for the risk every time!

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Seek support if you are experiencing any symptoms of ill health or you’re concerned by someone’s actions.

By following these life saving rules, we sustain a common safety culture for all who access the Cornerstone estate.

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