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Welcome Issue 5

Welcome from Cornerstone

Despite the lockdown, digital connectivity has helped many of us to carry on with certain activities. It has enabled us to access the emergency services 24/7, support the NHS and other key workers, and virtually socialise with our family and friends.

Kilmory Improves access to mobile services

Kilmory Improves access to mobile services

Scotland’s village of Kilmory improves access to mobile services for a better-connected society.

Keeping the UK connected

Keeping the UK connected

Recognising the ongoing importance of telecommunications during the COVID-19 pandemic, the government published a report confirming telecoms as a critical sector in response to dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Cornerstone talks to techUK

Cornerstone talks to techUK

At Cornerstone, we are continually working with the industry to build stronger connections to deliver and improve connectivity across the UK.

Playground poles help provide connectivity to the local area

Playground poles help provide connectivity to the local area

Improved access to high speed technology using masts that match the local environment are key benefits of a new initiative by Waltham Forest Council.

Contacting us

Contacting us

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