Glasgow City Council signs first agreement in new initiative to boost mobile connectivity and coverage

Glasgow City Council has signed a batch of groundbreaking new agreements with Cornerstone to deploy new mobile infrastructure sites.

Cornerstone worked with Glasgow City Council, supported by Infralink, to establish a lease agreement template to make it quicker and simpler to roll out 4G and 5G throughout Glasgow.

In October 2020, Glasgow City Council launched its dedicated Telecoms Unit, applying inhouse process improvements, standardised site pricing and legal documents to create time and cost-saving efficiencies. This new joint initiative extends the benefits of standardisation by adding efficient and proven design into the mix. Cornerstone has successfully deployed roadside poles and associated cabinets known as “Streetworks” on adopted pavements as an effective solution designed to deliver connectivity in urban environments.

Glasgow’s joint initiative with Cornerstone examined how the use of Council grass verges and “Streetworks” protocols could be combined to support faster, more efficient deployment in urban areas. Grass verges next to adopted pavements are often unused and easily accessible areas of land. Moving the installation from the pavement on to the adjacent grass verge reduces clutter and avoids underground cables and pipes.