Working together for the future of mobile connectivity

Working together for the future of mobile connectivity

Monday, 01 February 2021

The demand for reliable mobile coverage continues, even more so during the national lockdown. Working together with industries to deliver telecom services has become even more imperative.

Cornerstone, the leader in UK mobile infrastructure services is committed to providing best in class mobile connectivity across the UK. Our mobile infrastructure helps keep our society well connected by being placed on rooftops, greenfield sites in rural locations and street work sites.

Building stronger connections with our landowner community, who are crucial in helping us roll-out the infrastructure needed for mobile services, enables us to build the mobile networks required for our future.

Our need for digital services is also recognised by the Government. Their ambition to deliver 5G will benefit us with better mobile communications, allowing us to experience new opportunities. To support this drive, Speed Up Britain, an industry-wide campaign, is working with the Government to make it easier and quicker to roll-out and upgrade mobile infrastructure throughout the country.

Join us and support the Speed Up Britain campaign, helping to build mobile networks for our future.

Let’s work together to stay digitally connected.

Find out more on how you can support Speed Up Britain by visiting our dedicated Speed Up Britain page.