Government publishes Electronic Communications Code consultation changes

Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Connectivity is now more important than ever before, and the Government has highlighted their commitment to ensuring that the legislative framework supports its ambition to speed up rollout of and encourage greater investment in our digital infrastructure.

Earlier this year, the Government opened up a consultation on changes to the Code. Cornerstone is delighted to see the Government has now published its response and has very clearly set out how it intends to address the potential changes needed to make the Code more effective.

The Government’s response also states that there is no intention to revisit the valuation framework and believe the existing statutory framework remains appropriate for facilitating the installation and maintenance of this critical national infrastructure. The valuation principles have been through the Tribunal process. Cornerstone continues to apply the guidance provided by the Tribunal in its negotiations with landowners to ensure we reach fair outcomes with our landlords that reflect the increased investment that infrastructure providers and the Operators have to make in the network.

Our next steps will be to continue working with the Government and our landlord community to make it easier and quicker to roll out and upgrade our mobile infrastructure, which is critical for our society’s connectivity demands and economic growth. We will also continue to adapt our processes to help build trust and a greater sense of collaboration with our landowners that reflects the Governments response and the policy they have proposed to ensure the Code is fit for purpose.

Read the Governments update here.