Don't let your internal bias
become your limiting belief.

Revenue Finance Manager

Cornerstone congratulates Maria Malham

Cornerstone is thrilled to congratulate Maria Malham on completing Clarity’s ‘Women in Leadership’ programme!

Last week, Maria Malham, ‘Revenue and Finance Manager’ at Cornerstone, presented at the Science Museum to a room of over 200 people. Maria has recently completed Clarity’s 6-month development programme for both senior and emerging leadership.

Maria’s hard work culminated in a presentation on ‘Internal Bias’. She spoke vulnerably about her personal life, her Polish heritage, and her family, adding that she always felt she had “to work twice as hard and twice as long as the person next to me to feel like I belonged.” Her inspirational resilience was evident throughout her talk and is a good reminder of our capabilities.

Clarity’s ‘Women in Leadership’ Programme

This was Clarity’s fourth year of the programme, and the topic of the event was based on the International Women’s Day theme, ‘Inspire Inclusion’. Structured around both personal and professional growth the Clarity programme works on developing each member’s ‘leadership brand’. Through personality tests, overnight workshops, and team presentations, the course encourages introspection and growth.

Maria’s self-development journey reflects our employee value proposition- investing in our people and supporting their aspirations. Cornerstone looks forward to seeing what’s next for Maria!

Maria Malham at Clarity Leadership event
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