Code of Best Practice on Mobile Phone Network Development for Wales

Code of Best Practice on Mobile Phone Network Development for Wales

Friday, 12 March 2021

Over 95% of households in the UK own at least one mobile phone. The ubiquity of mobile telecommunications means that it is an essential element of modern life. The Welsh Government is committed to supporting the rollout and upgrade of the mobile phone network.

Produced jointly between the Welsh Government, the planning authorities and the mobile industry, the Code of Best Practice on Network Development for Wales has been updated to facilitate the smooth rollout and upgrading of mobile telecommunications apparatus in Wales. This document replaces the Code of Best Practice published by the Welsh Government in 2003.

The intent for this Code of Best Practice is to:

  • support the rollout of mobile phone infrastructure and to provide guidance with regards to the complex requirements associated with network deployment;
  • set out an engagement framework for mobile network operators and planning authorities when considering applications for prior approval and/or full planning permission for the improvement of mobile networks;
  • seek to avoid areas of conflict and to minimise any perceived adverse impacts with the provision of telecommunications equipment;
  • and support a more collaborative approach to the deployment and improvement of digital connectivity throughout Wales.

The document provides guidance on the delivery for mobile telecommunication apparatus and covers areas including "Siting and Design" and "Consultation & Application."

Cornerstone is a key enabler in delivering and maintaining the mobile infrastructure and fully supports the Code of Best Practice to help provide better mobile connectivity across Wales.

Download the Code of Best Practice